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Piramal Vaikunth blends an exquisite collection of luxury residences with nature’s tranquility across Up to 32-acres landscape, in the heart of Thane. Surrounded by lush hills, lakes, and nature reserves, it offers residents unique avenues to reconnect with the natural environment,while enjoying the comforts of city life.

MahaRERA No :

Cluster 1 (Towers Vivaan, Vatsal & Vyom) P51700003535 | Cluster 2 (Towers Vairat & Vijit) P51700003793 | Cluster 4 (Towers Vraj & Vidit) P51700003283 | Cluster 4a (Towers Vama & Vyan) P51700005256 | https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/